Makita 52.5cc 4 Stroke Back Pack Blower


  • Diaphragm carburetor
  • Mechanical decompression valve
  • Primer Pump
  • Tube mounted throttle
  • Comfortable backpack harness
  • 4 damper springs mounted between the engine and the backpack frame that reduce vibration on the back of operator even during long hours.
  • Telescopic pipe and nozzle
  • Anti-Icing: You can open the anti-icing valve by simply turning a dial to supply warm air from the engine to prevent the carburettor from icing up under cold environments.
  • Anti-static – Users hand is protected from static electric shock by enough insulation distance between grip and nozzle.
  • Carry handle for easy transport
  • In compliance with exhaust emission regulations: EPA Phase 2, EU Stage 2
  • Powerful and environmentally friendly 4-stroke engine. Low noise and clean exhaust emission.

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